Hotel technology

Hotel technology no longer is simply a perk, it’s a necessity for hotel guests. Guests are expecting more from their travel, from free Wi-Fi to the ability to check in using an automated kiosk, and hotels that can embrace the new technology trends will have a leg up on the competition. In addition, hotels that can offer more in the way of sophisticated technology for meeting and events spaces are meeting the demand for a separate, but growing, line of business. By offering intuitive technology that helps guests access digital content, use their own devices and work efficiently on the road, forward-thinking hotels are meeting rising expectations and creating memorable experiences for guests.

Device – and Entertainment – Autonomy

Guests are traveling with more devices, which means they also are bringing their own entertainment options.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, who can live without their smartphone or tablet these days? Nearly half of hotel guests travel with two devices, and another third travel with three or more devices. Technology is essential to guests, and they expect hotels to accommodate their tech needs. The services can allows guests to sync their mobile device with a hotel television, allowing them to access their own library of movies, music, photos and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. One decision facing hoteliers is where to invest their technology spending.  Hotels also are accommodating guests’ devices by redesigning aspects of the guest room. Hampton Hotels now requires its properties to have connectivity panels in each guest room that have two USB ports and three electrical outlets. The units are mounted deskside or on the nightstand. Having these resources available—without having to move furniture or seek them out on your hands and knees—allows guests to have a better user experience while enjoying content on their devices.

Devices guests carry with them during thei travel:

  • 75.9% smartphone
  • 68.1% laptop
  • 61.8% tablet
  • 5% other
  • 2.3% smartwatch

Free Wi-Fi

Fewer hotels are charging for Wi-Fi use to appeal to younger travelers

Consumers expect free access to high-speed Internet. When asked how much guests would be willing to pay for Wi-Fi, 85 percent said a hotel without free wifi is a deal breaker. Today’s hotel guests want quick, easy access to online resources.

How much are you willing to pay for Wi-Fi?

  • 87% – Nothing; it should be free
  • 9% – $10
  • 4% – $15 or more for premium service
  • 1% – $15

Technology as Luxury

Some technologies have become a luxury perk.

High-end hotels are finding that technology can become a luxury comfort. One increasingly popular perk is highdefinition televisions embedded in bathroom mirrors.