The Smartbox from DISH - TV Entertainment for Properties

The best entertainment solution for your property

Introducing smartbox from DISH, a revolutionary new video platform for the
FTG market. smartbox is the single solution for your entire property portfolio,
delivering energy efficiency, flexibility, redundancy and requiring less space.

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smart innovation

  • Deliver HD at the lowest cost per channel. All guests can now experience HD where they once had to be satisfied with watching SD analog.
  • More than 40 possible system configurations can be created using a single smartbox.
  • Quick and efficient installations through the integration of all input and output signal processing normally associated with FTG video platforms.
  • Bring the best possible experience to every TV on your property from a single device. For example, HD for the guest rooms and public-viewing areas and analog for the treadmill.
  • Monitoring power, system health and configuration are implemented with the integrated wireless modem. Remote management is also fulfilled with the same integrated wireless modem.
  • Allows accommodation in existing equipment rooms with a physically small size of 5RU. The chassis can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted, depending on your needs.
  • 40 channels of HD digital FTG TV require fewer than 300 watts of power. That is up to 90% less power consumption than current systems. The low power consumption combined with an operating temperature range of up to 122˚F alleviates the need to upgrade cooling systems.