Today’s Hotel Isn’t Just a Place to Stay.

It’s a Place to Stay Connected.

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How It Works

We provide business internet services to meet the needs of a range of businesses from small business to enterprise. So put your Internet to work for your business and unlock a new stream of productivity – just choose from a variety of speeds to best suit your business needs. Then let your business take advantage of all the benefits that come with better, faster Internet, including:

  •  WiFi – Customers and guests can download, email and stream at the high speeds they’ve come to expect.
  • Limitless Connection –  no caps, so you can upload/download and access however much you want.
  • Access Additional Services – Customize the service to meet any number of needs with our many add-ons – like web hosting, Internet for telecommuters, and more!

Understanding Your Internet Speed

Data Handling
Different businesses have different data needs. Some send a few emails and some upload large videos. That’s why Lodge Vision will choose for you the best service of internet for you.

Day-to-day tasks
Having the right Internet plan means being equipped to handle your business’s important tasks – whether you’re sending menus off to the printer, sharing a big presentation with your team, or offering guests a speedy pipeline to access what’s important to them.

As your Business Internet provider, Lodge Vision can provide the right plan to help increase productivity so your employees and customers will take notice.