What is Pro:Idiom and Why is it Important?

In today’s world, many hotels, resorts, and other commercial businesses use Pro:Idiom to encrypt their television signals to provide high-quality service and security to their customers. If you are the owner or property manager at a hospitality business, you should consider utilizing Pro:Idiom for your business needs. This technology is crucial to the security of your facility, as well as preventing piracy from occurring at your business.

What is Pro:Idiom?

Pro:Idiom™ is an encryption technology developed by LG for use in the hospitality industry for the secure delivery of high definition digital television & video on demand (VOD) signals.

HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinamax, Epix, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, History and other digital television content providers require encryption of the HD signal in FTG Hospitality environments where a set top box is not present in each room in order to protect their content from piracy.

At lodgeVision, our team of audio/visual design experts can design a DISH system that is fully encrypted to prevent anyone from illegally taking content from the digital stream. We specialize in DISH system design and installation and will ensure your hotel or other hospitality business has the security it needs. To learn more about Pro:Idiom, contact lodgeVision today.

How Does Pro:Idiom Work?

The delivery of Pro:Idiom encrypted HDTV signals requires a TV distribution system that allows a central decoder in a hotel to decrypt video from a high-definition headend or satellite feed and then re-encode it for secure delivery to TV sets in each room that are equipped with the Pro:Idiom chip or to a set-top box for each TV.

What Does Pro:Idiom Mean For Your Hotel?

The need for encoding and decoding the digital signal means hotels will either have to:

1) Use a headend system such as the LG Pro:Centric or Samsung LYNC REACH and purchase Commercial TVs that have the Pro:Idiom decoder integrated into the TV tuner


2) Use set-top boxes at each TV to decode the signal

What Type of TVs Do I Need for Pro:Idiom?

An encrypted hotel television signal requires a TV that can decrypt that signal. LG, Samsung, manufacture hospitality televisions that have an integrated Pro:Idiom chip to make that encrypted signal visible on the TV without the need for converter boxes.

Pro:Idiom is widely used in hospitality environments and has become the standard for hospitality televisions with the largest Hotel brands: Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, Hyatt, Choice, AccorHotels, InterContinental, Wyndham, Extended Stay America, and G6 are specifying it as their approved TV type.

Why is Pro:Idiom Important For Hospitality Businesses?

In today’s world, with streaming services and HD digital programming, it’s crucial for businesses to protect their signals to prevent piracy and other illegal services. For experienced hackers and even novices, it’s simple to steal digital content for their own uses from unencrypted digital signals. If you are paying to have a digital service available for your hospitality business, you need to have the signal encrypted to ensure your guests or even outside hackers cannot get into your signal and illegally steal digital content for their own personal gain. Not only is it illegal, but it is also hurting your business if you are paying for a service that others are stealing content from.